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Today two high probability trades developed utilizing Context + Price Flow Trade Setups.

Context for Trade 2 ($MBOT) was a big green push higher 3 weeks ago on heavy volume that subsequently digested gains forming a 3 week daily bull flag. Today price action started the expected push higher on heavy volume early in the trading session at 10:40 am which also coincided with a Breakout above recent daily resistance 4 days ago.

This signaled to monitor for a Price Flow secondary day trade buy signal if it developed.

Two hours later at 12:48, a Price Flow buy signal developed (Buy @12.78) for a high probability move to continue higher in line with the context of a developing daily breakout. Price moved higher to scale out at 13.30 to set up a no risk trade to monitor expected higher price action for the rest of the trading session and perhaps for days to come if price closes the session strong.

Some of the best trade opportunities are key breakouts followed by first pullbacks.

Breakouts can occur in unique ways (i.e. Above daily resistance from past price action, movement out of a bull flag, etc). 

First pullbacks also develop in unique ways (i.e. near the open, after a thrust higher intraday)

In all cases the Price Flow trading approach provides an opportunity to take advantage of high probability breakout/first pullback price action.

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