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When a stock is in an uptrend, context says to look for buy setups a majority of the time. Buy setups can range from daily green bar follow through higher, to trapping red bar sellers.

On rare occasions (usually after a swing move up above recent pivot highs) an opportunity presents itself to sell during one of the daily red bar pullbacks within an uptrend. Further, such trades should be considered scalps as opposed to looking for strong continuation lower. Scalp targets can include (1) Daily support levels during the recent up move (2) Intraday swings to the downside after the trade is entered, etc.

NVDA moved to pivot swing highs (6 green days in a row), followed by a red bar pause, to set the stage for a possible red bar pullback sell opportunity during the uptrend.

Typically, you don’t want to sell right near the open of trading as any lower price may bring in responsive uptrend buyers. Ideally you want to see early lower price action fail to bring in responsive buyers, signaling buyers are now a bit more patient to wait for lower prices before entering back with the uptrend.

$NVDA started the session lower, tried to move up from blue line support and then paused at the seller control line from yesterday.

I therefore sold NVDA @247.10 (Arrow at entry) when a Price Flow pause trade signal triggered. Price worked lower as expected to find the more patient buyers and I scaled out @246.10 to set up a no risk trade and as i watched unfolding pullback price action with daily support in the 244 area.

Again, you are not looking for strong follow through to the downside. Price continued lower to 244.53 offering 2 points or more of profits, and if you didn’t exit on the first push down, intraday price made another swing lower to 244.66 later in the trading session for nice $$ gain opportunities.

Looking to sell within an uptrend is the exception rather than the rule. However, using Context + Price flow price action, you can find high probability opportunities for $$ gains when buyers tip their hand showing that they are now patient to buy at lower prices.

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